Featured Breeders

We feature a few top breeders from various regions. In each case we list the Pros (which are many, or they wouldn’t be on the list) and the Cons (any breeder has something at least somewhat negative).

South Atlantic

BestGoldendoodles.com in upstate South Carolina

Pros: family raised; champion bloodlines; genetic health guarantee; reasonably priced ($1400); Mini Goldendoodles and Standard Goldendoodles

Cons: rarely available; waiting list (this is getting better with their guardian homes)



East South Central

Doodle Quest Comfort Retriever Goldendoodles in Kentucky and Ohio

Pros: many years of experience raising small non-shedding Goldendoodles with great temperaments

Cons: expensive ($3500-$6000)




Asha’s Doodles in California

Pros: Beautiful Goldendoodles; decent variety; moderate pricing ($2,000)

Cons: Website could be improved; don’t specialize in Goldendoodles (also raise Labradoodles)


New England

Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles in Connecticut

Pros: Great breeding philosophy; family raised; good puppies, moderate pricing ($2,000); refuse to ship

Cons: Website needs improvement


East South Central

Smeraglia’s Teddybear Goldendoodles in Alabama

Pros: small-standard sizes, well-designed website; excellent photos of puppies; careful breeders

Cons: expensive ($2500-$3000); ship puppies (I’m not a fan of this)



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